September 01, 2013


Who? When? What? Why? Where?

Present industry need from time to time dedicated, simple and effective hardware solutions for various demands. It is simple yet not so quite adequated to put a large computer to do these tasks. At other hand, industry need mass-production solutions.

SynergyBYTE is able to shortcut the path from ideea to mass production based on customer's needs. Simple said: We put our ideeas to work for your need.
Why using a complex hardware running some sort of complex software when embedded solutions can do the same at a fraction of cost? The actual tendency is to use a computer for everything but this raise the costs, especially when working with mass production.

The ideea behind "SynergyBYTE" was floating around for about ten years; we were thinking about this when we made some targeted projects, some of them never to be talked about due to their "sensitive"nature. We both are radioamateurs from a long time; even if we choose different area of professional expertise we still love to play with wires.
 In august 2013 it was a great scale project for a major telecom operator which defined the concept behind the SynergyBYTE and asked for a little more organised vision and action.
We put together our expertise from hobby and from our jobs and the result was a very neat team able to assemble great projects.
The big advantage is our flexibility and understanding the need itself and a concept that came from radioamateurism: KISS a.k.a Keep It Simple Stupid. This mean that, whenever one can be tempted to put a computer to do something, we put a dedicated electronic brain, much simpler with a much lower wattage and greater flexibility.
With the help of the Internet, we can be everywhere our expertise is needed. The first step is to let us know what do you need and, if it is provocative enough, we will do it!
SynergyBYTE is genuine passion for hi-tech; not only we can, but we like what we are doing here!